Friday, January 23, 2009

waves of the week!

i have a very crazy schedule and never have time to listen to music qualitatively during the week. but every weekend i borrow five to ten cds from stanford music library and take time to listen to them and some times analyzing them. if you do the same thing could be great to start some listening discussions on this blog.

one of the cds i have got for this week is voices 1900/2000 a choral journey through the twentieth century. very beautiful sounds. 
another set of waves i listened to this week were tons of gyoergy ligeti's music. having lived in vienna in the last decade of my life, i didn't hear as much ligeti music there as in the last week. but some of his masterpieces were performed in wien-modern (a yearly music festival in vienna on 20th century music.) my favourite ligeti's orchestral piece is atmospheres. this piece has such a thick texture with a huge variety of timbres. you might have heard it in the stanley kubrik's 2001, a space odyssey. enjoy listening to it while looking at the scores. the score is visually as rich and thick as the sound.

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