Friday, February 6, 2009

tape festival

last weekend i we went to tape music festival in san francisco. it was in cellspace which is a very cool venue but not necessarily for tape music. the acoustic of the room adds another roughness to the sound, which depending on the sound could make it sound cooler or not.
i really enjoyed a piece "etude aux sons animes" by pierre schaeffer. he has made use of very unique fantastic sounds that i could feel myself floating in a metal bowl or dropping metal ball on my ears. another favourite piece of mine was a composition of thom blum which was especially clean and i enjoyed how rich the whole sound was and clean the it moved from one texture to another. and of course my very favourite wave that night was ligeti's artikulation. it was nice to hear them through eight speakers in a new environment.

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  1. ok, now I understand a lot more what tape music is. fernando is teaching us in 220 class today and explaining what acousmatis sound is. so i guess pierre schaefer's music is acousmatic. it is also interesting that we still use the term tape music although there are no more tape manufacturers any more!