Monday, January 19, 2009

who's visda?

i am currently a music, science and technology student at ccrma (centre for computer research in music and acoustics) at stanford university.
i was born in tehran, emigrated to austria/vienna in the second decade of my life, then re-emigrated to california/ san francisco in the third decade of my life. next i am planning to emigrate to saturn to fulfill my childhood dreams.
my passion for astronomy and outer space led me to study physics in undergrad., then the fascination of computer science and new technologies led me to continue my education in computer science. i have always had a passion for music and played piano since childhood. while i improved my knowledge in computer technology, i learnt to use it as a musical instrument to express my passions. in order to get deeper in connecting music and technology i am studying at ccrma.
i also have a personal blog writing about my trips and culture shocks i am dealing with moving around the world:

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