Thursday, October 29, 2009


i have been going to the bay area computer music technology group meetups for a while and never got the chance to write about these amazing events. it's a fantastic gathering of computer musicians, programmers, djs and ... in the bay area.

last night's event was in an amazing venue in the middle of tenderloin: gray area foundation for the art. i totally recommend you to just visit this place even if you don't make it to go to any events. one of the amazing exhibits at the moment is tenderloin dynamic which is a series of maps and interactive objects to explore tenderloin district mostly through data sets.

the first presenter last night was jef scott. his work is an interactive biofeedback musical instrument using max/msp/jitter and ableton live. the data coming from body is transformed into audio/visual feedback. the physical and mental energy is transformed into more reddish colors and more industrial and rough sounds the more nervous the user is.

the second presenter was edison from monome community. he was djing breakbeats and creating sound using his diy yellow lunchbox. he also uses max/msp in addition to nintendo ds to transfer input from his love box.

the third presenter was preshish moments who also had his diy wooden controller shredder and control software written in max/msp.

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