Friday, April 3, 2009

rocco di pietro

we had the honor to have a guest composer during the winter quarter at ccrma. rocco was advising us on making music and he composed a lot himself too in this period. he even composed a piece for lap top orchestra and we performed it at ccrma and uc irvine. his piece for slork is called 'one stone flow'.  it starts with some nature sounds played by laptops, then leading to drone like sounds played with laptops controlled by joysticks and the chords played at the piano. and finally laptops play interviews with the composers who have had influence on rocco's music, or were his teachers such as maderna, foss, boulez and finally john chowning. then the voices of the composers are manipulated with granular synthesis and build up a chaotic sound. the piece ends with a huge laugh played by all laptops.
if you want to hear rocco's interview with sica check out here.

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