Wednesday, April 8, 2009

from kabuki to dumb type

we had an interesting discussion on modern opera in japan in composition class today. our seminar started with talking about kabuki, bunarku and noh. kabuki is the popular entertainment art since 1603 in japan.  bunraku is the puppet theatre. japanese puppet theatre is very fragile and detailed. noh is the most elit and sophisticated type of theatre in japan. it gets into spirit and depth of the person an it is extremely slow and needs a lot of concentration.  if you don't know what these terms mean and you are still curious, check out some examples or read about it. i just wanted to introduce these art forms to you, for each of these topics i should write a whole dissertation to get into their depth.
what is more interesting for me is all the modern movements in recent decades. after second world war butoh movement started in japan. it involves taboo topics of the society performed in the form of dance by dancers in white moving their body in hyper controlled motions. if i had to translate the movements to music, i could say it has a lot of slow but exact microtones in it. check out the video and explore it yourself: butoh by sankai juku.
another interesting group in the new japan's theatre is dumb type. dumb type is an interdisciplinary group of artists in kyoto. they make amazing multimedia projects, dance and theatre performances. their most famous pieces are voyage, memorandum, and pH. 
i like true as well.

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